Top4 Perform

Season 9, Episode 38 -  Air Date: 5/11/2010
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The Top 4 take on the songs of the cinema, with Jamie Foxx as mentor.

Danger Zone: The ‘Idol‘ Top 4 Sing the Songs of the Cinema

Lights. Cameras. Action ... Well, we‘ll see about the action, from the looks of the uninspiring song list, it seems like American Idol‘s trip to the movies tonight might be best be used as an excuse for an hour long nap for exhausted Idol fans.  Fans like me, who can‘t believe that with a theme as vast as "songs of the cinema" the Idol powers that be decided on a list of rehashed songs we‘ve already heard on Idol and that are cheesier than Ellen‘s jokes.  What should the Top 4 Sing Tonight?
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