Top 7 Perform

Season 9, Episode 32 -  Air Date: 4/20/2010
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The Top 7 take on inspirational songs, with Alicia Keys as mentor.

Tonight‘s ‘American Idol‘ Theme Brings The Cheese, I Bring the Whine

Hope you‘re not lactose intolerant America, because you‘re about to get a heaping serving of cheese on tonight‘s American Idol. Tonight the Top 7 sings "inspirational songs," a cheesy theme if there ever was one. That desperation you smell? It‘s not just Ryan Seacrest gunning for Simon Cowell‘s job, it is American Idol trying desperately to regain its ratings by any means possible, including musical manipulation. Then again, in such a lackluster season, a theme that draws from songs with titles like "Heaven Help Us All," "I Will Survive"  and "The Impossible Dream," seems strangely fitting.  
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