Top 3 Perform

Season 9, Episode 40 -  Air Date: 5/18/2010
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The Top 3 perform two songs each: one picked by the judges, and one picked by the finalists themselves.

‘American Idol‘ Top 3: Judges‘ Choice (and We‘re Not Just Talking About Crystal & Lee)

Tonight on American Idol: Lee Dewyze and Crystal Bowersox perform the judges‘ and their personal song selections ... while some tall, handsome fella with a guitar plays warm-up sets in between.  At least, that must be how it feels to be Casey James tonight, the invisible Idol. A Lee vs. Crystal finale seems all but certain, as it has for almost the entire season. Join the Discussion: What was the best and worst performances of season 9?But let‘s not put the cart before the horse. After all, stranger things have happened around finale time on
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