Top 12 Perform

Season 9, Episode 22 -  Air Date: 3/16/2010
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The Top 12 take on the hits of the Rolling Stones.

‘American Idol‘ Top 12 Recap: Mixed Emotions

"Mixed Emotions" isn‘t just the name of a Rolling Stones‘ song that I hope someone will be performing tonight. It also perfectly describes how I feel going in to tonight‘s Top 12 performance show. On the one hand, the Top 12 is covering one of my very favorite  bands. On the other, it‘s the wrong Top 12 covering them.  That‘s right, I‘m still bitter about last Thursday‘s massacre of all things interesting on Idol. Tonight, when Paige Miles and Tim Urban take the stage, it‘ll be impossible not to long for what might have been had Lilly Scott and Alex Lambert stuck around to sing the Stones. Tonight we‘ll "all need somebody we can lean on, so if you want, you can lean on me. " So lean on me and follow along with my live thoughts, as we see who rocks the Rolling Stones and who gets rocked by the theme.
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