Top 20 Results

Season 12, Episode 17 -  Air Date: 3/7/2013
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‘American Idol‘ Results: Who‘s in the Top 10?

It‘s time for the first live results show on American Idol, but my question isn‘t "Who will make it?" It‘s "Will America get it right?" No one can speak for the judges‘ motivations except for Randy Jackson, Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey and Keith Urban (and maybe puppet masters Nigel Lythgoe and Jimmy Iovine), but the questionable nature of their selections came full circle regarding Charlie Askew.It‘s bad enough they brought along Zoanette Johnson to the finals, but at least her unwavering and overbearing confidence will shield her from harsh criticism. But for poor Charlie and his "Charlie Askew Syndrome," it was an experiment in personality destined to fail. He‘s a character for sure, but he didn‘t have nearly the chops of the other singers, and he knew it.
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