First Group of 10 Male Singers Perform

Season 12, Episode 12 -  Air Date: 2/21/2013
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‘American Idol‘ Recap: Do or Die for Half the Guys

Half of the remaining American Idol girls took the stage for the brand spankin‘ new sudden death round in Las Vegas Wednesday, and now it‘s the guys‘ turn. And while there were some shocking eliminations (Shubha Vedula and Isabelle, in particular), I don‘t even think that‘s possible for the boys. The field is that wide open (or if you prefer, mediocre). Outside of Curtis Finch, Jr,, who has yet to falter, everyone is vulnerable.Recap: 10 Ladies Become 5 >>One thing we don‘t have to worry about that came up with the girls is factoring in someone we‘ve never heard before. We saw two of the ladies for the very first time in Las Vegas, and a third we hadn‘t heard a solo from. Some of these guys have gotten more screen time than others, but at least we have a basic idea of what each one of them sounds like. I have expectations for each, so there won‘t be any guys at the bottom of the rankings who suddenly make a huge jump.
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