Auditions #2: Chicago

Season 12, Episode 2 -  Air Date: 1/17/2013
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‘American Idol‘ Recap: Big Talent in Chi-Town

Because two hours of American Idol is never enough for one week, we‘re back for two more hours of both amazing and cringe-inducing performances. C‘mon, when was the last time you watched four hours of the same show in a 26-hour span and it didn‘t involve reruns or catching up? Probably not since last season. But Ryan Seacrest says it best, "This is American Idol," and there‘s nothing quite like it. The two-night premiere continues as the judges head to Chicago, where we‘re promised heartwarming stories of perseverance, stuttering and increasing tensions in our diva catfight that make poor Keith Urban (sitting between them AGAIN) feel like a scratching post. Both of these women are known from their dramatic showmanship, but for now we‘ll buy into the belief that they really don‘t like each other. At least until the expose.
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