Top 4 Perform

Season 11, Episode 35 -  Air Date: 5/9/2012
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‘American Idol‘ Recap: The Top 4 California Adventure

I‘m still upset about Skylar Laine. My colleague, John Kubicek, covered American Idol last week, so that I could cry privately and curl up next to a bottle of wine after the results show. Eventually the wine and tears tasted the SAME. This is my shocking result/devastation for the season. I understand that only one can win, but I thought it would be more of an interesting race to the finish. Phillip Phillips is practically lapping three equally-deserving contestants in the votes now, and these last three weeks are just a courtesy. I guess I‘m rooting for the Joshua upset now? Or have I just been brainwashed by the standing ovations? Skylaaaaaarrrrrr.
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