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Season 11, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 3/15/2012
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‘American Idol‘ Recap: 1 of 11 is Eliminated, Top 10 Revealed

Tonight marks a results show that, from the outset, I could care less about. While my colleague John Kubicek predicts that Erika Van Pelt will be going home, I think we‘ll still go through all the motions, only for Ryan Seacrest to reveal that no one is going home. American Idol has a schedule to stick to, people, and a lineup of guest performances for Thursday nights and no outstanding warrants (even four of them) will get in the way of that. Still, American Idol is not without its sense of drama, or cruelty, so I think Ryan will reveal who WOULD HAVE gone home had the British gods of reality television not smiled upon them this fifteenth of March.
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