Top 12 Girls Perform

Season 10, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 3/2/2011
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The Top 12 Girls Compete for Miss ‘American Idol‘

The Top 12 Girls have a lot to live up to after the Boys‘ performances last night. The Top 12 Boys produced some stunning, chilling performances, a couple just-okay ones, and one glorious misstep. A few favorites faltered, Scotty McCreery violated us with his eyebrows, and other favorites earned their keep. How will the Top 12 Girls do? Watch with us tonight and find out!Based on the set list alone, I haven‘t been terribly excited about this episode. It seems a little heavy on the ballads; lots of songs about spreading one‘s wings, looking inside your heart, achieving what you never thought you could, etc. Not enough sass or cougin‘ for my taste. We‘ll see if the girls can earn their keep!
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