Auditions #5

Season 10, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 2/2/2011
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‘American Idol‘ Recap: Looking for a Lone Star in Texas

American Idol is going to Texas, which means Ryan Seacrest is at the ready with an arsenal full of "Keep Austin Weird" and "Everything‘s Bigger" comments. Not that Texans would be offended, because they have big, weird, state pride. Plus, not everything is bigger, as this episode fits neatly into an hour. Thank you, Idol! So let‘s, "saddle up," "take the bull by the longhorns," and get "a little bit country," we‘re in Austin! Do you think that phone call Ryan was making to his "dad" was real? Do you think Marc Anthony is real? Did you know they made plaid shirts in chiffon? So many unanswered questions here in Austin.
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