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Season 10, Episode 25 -  Air Date: 4/7/2011
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‘American Idol‘ Results: Another Shocking Week of Results Without Redemption

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame week went well, didn‘t it? I think we saw marked improvement in almost all of the contestants, so tonight could really be anyone‘s time to go home. I predicted that we‘ll see Stefano go home tonight, but as far as who else will round out the bottom three, I‘m not entirely sure. A lot of people seem to think Jacob might be in there, especially after his haughty comment about how America needs to look at ITSELF in the mirror and if he‘s in the bottom it‘s only because America refused to do that, not because he might not have done a good job. What a thing to say, really. I saw a promo for tonight‘s episode that said, "if your favorite goes home, blame yourself." So, you have two reasons to hate yourself tonight.
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