0 of 11 Voted Off (Judges' Save Used)

Season 10, Episode 21 -  Air Date: 3/24/2011
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‘American Idol‘ Live Results: A Big Shock on Motown Week

This week the Top 11 faced Classic Motown head on and the results were mostly positive. While it was a good show overall, someone must go home this week, and I think it will probably be another girl. A lot of the guys did incredibly well, with or without guitars, and you know what? The girls did well, too! As much as I love a train wreck, I don‘t think we‘ve had one yet. You may disagree with me!So who will go home tonight? It will definitely be someone, unless there‘s an upset and the judges use The Save, in which case it will be no one. I‘ve got all the facts right here, folks.
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