Ep. #9111

Season 36, Episode 98 -  Air Date: 5/23/2005
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Adam gets another opportunity to get rid of Di, when Amanda accuses her of stealing the money. He proposes to look in Di‘s room and goes to search in it. Then Di tells JR she is being accused because Amanda is ticked off at her. She tells JR that she found Amanda with Dixie‘s necklace. Amanda denies it, just as Adam returns with $500 in cash. He claims the serial numbers match with the ones in the safe. JR tells his father he can handle it himself, so Adam leaves.Bianca follows Kendall to her room and finds out why Kendall is angry at Ethan. When he comes knocking, Bianca answers, and shows him her disappointment, and she leaves the room. Kendall walks over to slam the door in Ethan‘s face. After dinner, Bianca walks down to the dock and talks to Ethan, urging him to let go of Cambias Industries and hate for Zack. Meanwhile, Greenlee drops by Kendall‘s room and they both engage in their friendly argument. While arguing, Kendall accidentally drops hints about Ryan‘s secret. Meanwhile i