Ep. #9111

Season 36, Episode 97 -  Air Date: 5/20/2005
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Kendall, Reggie, Lily, and Greenlee arrive in Florida. Erica is disappointed that Ryan ""cannot"" make it to her wedding and asks Kendall if Greenlee and Ryan have a problem. Kendall tells both Erica and Jack that Greenlee and Ryan do not have a problem. A short while later, Erica worries about Opal and her other friends, on how they might feel, since they are not invited to the last minute wedding. Reggie answers Erica‘s question by showing her the presents they gave him to give to her. Jack and Erica begin to open their gifts, after reading Opal‘s message, Lily learns that Erica has been married 9 times. Lily panics for her dada, and asks Erica if she will leave her dad, since she did not keep her wedding promises. Erica explains to Lily that Jack and she will stay together forever. Lily, who is still skeptic about the wedding, asks Erica more questions, and Erica and Jackson, respond to each of them. As a team, Erica and Jack, rids Lily of her worries for them.Simone drops in at the