Ep. #9110

Season 36, Episode 96 -  Air Date: 5/19/2005
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A new morning wakes up the lovely couple Erica and Jack, as they continue to sail to their unknown destination. The lovebirds arrive at a beautiful place in Florida. Erica and Jackson explore their unknown destination, and she tells him, she wants to be married here. Comparing their families like the Banyan Tree, Erica gets Jack to agree on having the wedding here in Florida.Kendall makes her nosy friend Simone anxious to find out about her decision on whether she is marrying Zack or not. Meanwhile, Reggie arrives at Fusion, to try to talk to Danielle. Danielle, who is upset at him, refuses to let Reggie talk to her. She leaves to go to some other room to do work, with Reggie following close behind. He apologizes to Danielle and tells her that he was frustrated. Then he proclaims his love to Danielle.Ryan and Greenlee celebrate their first year anniversary. While Ryan steps out for a moment, Greenlee attempts to find out who just called Ryan. However she backs out of the idea and han