Ep. #9105

Season 36, Episode 91 -  Air Date: 5/12/2005
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Lily delivers to Sam, who has been secretly hiding in Greenlee‘s penthouse, some food. The two young people converse about stuff and share personal stories, and Sam begins to adore Lily more. The conversation ends when Reggie calls Lily on her cell, and she leaves.Greenlee and Kendall bicker over who is destroying their parents‘ marriage, blaming each other. As the bickering drags on, Kendall dreams of a life with Erica being single, while Greenlee dreams about a single Jack, and how it might impact her. They both agree that their parents should get married.Erica reveals to Jack that she has been having second thoughts about the wedding. Reggie, unknowingly, walks in to Erica and Jack‘s wedding conversation. Reggie does not have a clue to the condition of the wedding.JR taunts Ethan about his new relationship with Kendall. Ethan patiently listens to JR brag about his new relationship with his former fiancé and even offers Chandler Enterprises to him. Surprisingly JR rips the contrac