Ep. #9104

Season 36, Episode 90 -  Air Date: 5/11/2005
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While Tad and Aidan are looking for Sam, they discuss about Dixie and how Diana Cole resembles her. On the day of the third anniversary of Dixie‘s death, Jr is feeling sad and very sensitive. JR lashes at Amanda for letting Jamie on his property. Diana steps in to help Amanda, and eventually JR apologizes. Zack comes to the dining room of the Valley Inn to ask Jack if he could talk to Lily to find out where Sam is, however Jack threatens him to stay away from his daughter. After Zack leaves, Jackson suggests to Erica to blow their wedding off, due to Erica‘s statement, adding more oil to the burning fire. Greenlee and Ryan patch things up and they both go their separate ways, Ryan to see a doctor, and Greenlee to find Jack/look for food. Maria and Brooke repair things between them. A short time later, Greenlee arrives to the Valley Inn, and Erica gives Jackson another revised ultimatum, that she will marry Jackson if he leaves Greenlee and Ryan‘s marriage alone. A little while later Ma