Ep. #9103

Season 36, Episode 89 -  Air Date: 5/10/2005
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Greenlee is shocked when Ryan suggests a divorce. Kendall is shocked when Erica tells her she does not want to marry Jack. Jamie threatens Adam to leave his mother alone, but his mother defends Adam. Maddie Grey falsel accuses Zack of kidding her and her brother Sam. Meanwhile, Sam finds Lily in a ""calm"" place and tells her what happened. Ethan begs to speak with Kendall alone, but his request is quickly denied. Jack arrives just as Ryan mentions ""divorce"" to Greenlee, but shoves him away as quickly as he came in. Leaving Ethan alone with Kendall for a second, Erica gets security to remove Ethan from the dining area of the Valley Inn. Brooke warns Adam of a threat that will shorten his life, hate and revenge. Ryan reveals the truth of why he wants a divorce, the ""Lavery"" anger and rage. Kendall prentends to be in the state of dying while Erica and Jack are arguing, getting attention only until she throws a piece of cloth. Zack tells Maddie in private that her mother did not betray them