Ep. #9095

Season 36, Episode 81 -  Air Date: 4/28/2005
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Jack and Maria talk to Sam and Lily about what they did. Ryan walks into his home to lovely music and a very happy Greenlee. Kendall and Ethan argue over their past and Cambias Industries. Erica is happy when Zack informs her that Kendall dumped Ethan, but her is happiness is cut short when Zack tells her he proposed to Kendall. Jack informs Maria about how he is going to ""control"" Ryan, Erica then walks in to see Jack comforting Maria. Ryan and Greenlee‘s relationship grows stronger over dinner, but dampens when Ryan find out that Greenlee has plans for making a baby. Sam and Lily eat ice cream at the park together, where they continue to develop their friendship. Anita sits down at Zack‘s table to get him to try a relationship with Maria again. Kendall‘s heart is broken when Ethan says he cannot give up Cambias Industries.