Ep. #9094

Season 36, Episode 80 -  Air Date: 4/27/2005
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At the prison, Krystal asks David to ""fall in love"" with her. Tad reveals more facts about Dixie to JR. Kendall and Greenlee bicker at Fusion over Greenlee and Ryan‘s ""child"" problem. Simone sets up Kendall to see Ethan on the roof, as soon as Greenlee and everyone else is gone. JR blames Tad on the Dixie pish-posh and introduces Diana Cole as the new nanny for Adam the third. Greenlee returns to find out that Simone set Kendall up and finds Kendall and Ethan on the roof, but leaves when Kendall tells her to go. Ryan and Aidan engage in a fight, that is stopped by Tad. Ethan continues to try to convince Kendall not to marry Zack and to forgive him, even trying a kiss. Kendall is seduced by Ethan‘s kiss and will marry him if he gives up Cambias industries.