Ep. #9090

Season 36, Episode 76 -  Air Date: 4/21/2005
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Kendall tells Derek in front of Ethan, Zack, and JR, that Ethan lied about Zack killing Edmund. Tad gets a phone call claiming that Dixie‘s car was found, but without a body. Di struggles with David on what might happen if she became Dixie. The ""witness"" confesses that JR paid him to lie about Zack confessing he killed Edmund in his cell. Adam has a stroke, witnessed by Babe. Maddie has a house-warming party that ends when her mother, Maria returns. Kendall is shocked that JR paid a ""witness"" to lie for Ethan. Brooke declines helping Tad expose the women prison‘s prisoner ""abuse"". Ethan discovers that JR does not trust anyone and is chasing for Kendall‘s love. Di agrees to be Dixie.