Ep. #9088

Season 36, Episode 74 -  Air Date: 4/19/2005
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Reggie brings Lily to Aidan‘s place, so that she may ask about Steve. Erica and Zack exchange mean words to each other. Ryan continues to struggle with his inner self. Greenlee strives to help Ryan overcome himself, including having children. After Erica leaves, Maria arrives to apologize to Zack for her distrust in him during the recent weeks before Edmund‘s murder. Ethan pleads with Kendall to forgive him of his ""words"". Lily turns Aidan‘s mouth from upside down, to downside up *Smiling*. Ryan yells for Greenlee to leave his hospital room. Meanwhile, Erica comforts Ryan, just as he comfroted her in Las Vegas. Derek, the PV police chief, visits Ethan to ask if he will change his statement.Ethan, of course, says no.