Ep. #9085

Season 36, Episode 71 -  Air Date: 4/14/2005
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With Jonathan closer to death, Ryan begs Jonathan to trust him. Maria slams Ethan, lashing at him for his lie. David tries to frame JR for stealing information about Liza‘s whereabouts. Jonathan pushes the button activating a bomb that sends Kendall and Greenlee flying and trapping all the Lavery brothers inside. Jack finally finds Greenlee, but cannot find Lily. The rescue workers continue to free the rocks from the cave hole so that they could rescue Ryan. Sam is the person that convinces Lily to come out from her hiding hole. Babe warns David again that if he gives Liza‘s info to Adam, he will be lonely again. Tad thinks of Dixie, and is puzzled by the sight of a Dixie-like figure in the background.