Ep. #9083

Season 36, Episode 69 -  Air Date: 4/12/2005
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Babe rescues the scared Di from the headlights of a car. Erica waits for David in his soon-to-be demolished home. Ryan comes to the mineshaft to rescue the trapped girls. Zach demands more information from Aidan and Tad about a certain security DVD. Adam comforts Brooke, even bringing her some ice cream. Ryan learns that it was Jonathan that made everything up, the clues, the poem, and the evil ideas. The wise Jamie refuses to help Babe on her quest to end the struggling of selfishness, helping her by not helping her. Sam drives to Zach‘s casino to ask why Zach is free, but learns that Zach did not kill his father. Erica persuades David to write down the information that Adam really wants. Erica hands the information requested to Adam, earning her a kiss from him. Braden is found unconscious.