Ep. #9081

Season 36, Episode 67 -  Air Date: 4/8/2005
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Erica visits Krystal at the women‘s prison. Lily explains about what happened at the stables and that Jonathan killed Edmund. Ethan goes to Fusion and asks Simone if she knows where Kendall is. Brooke tries to convince Maddie and Sam to let go of their anger. Anita turns on JR by accusing him of stealing the hospital keys, which leads to Joe‘s grandfather - grandson talk in private. Jonathan confesses that he killed Edmund, but under Brayden‘s orders. Erica offers Krystal a deal in exchange for help, but Krystal refuses. Di is released from the women‘s prison. Simone tells Ethan that if Kendall finds out by herself that Ethan lied to her, she will not forgive him. After surviving a near-death attempt made by Jonathan, Kendall finally realizes that Ethan lied to her. Greenlee hatches a new plan to escape. Brooke and Erica fight once again. Edmund‘s physical therapist confirms that Edmund could walk.