Ep. #9079

Season 36, Episode 66 -  Air Date: 4/7/2005
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Adam visits Erica for payment. Palmer helps J.R. kick Adam off of Pine Valley‘s Hospital Board. Brooke is at the Grey estate to hear the reading of Edmund‘s will. Greenlee and Kendall beg Jonathan not to kill them. Lily tries to calm Jonathan down, but Jonathan ends up scaring her instead. JR tricks Anita into a hug to steal some hospital keys so that his evil plan to frame David can suceed. Maria finds out that Edmund did not drop his divorce petition. Ryan discovers that Braden wants to kill Jonathan as well. Erica bargains with Adam, if she gets a show on his TV network, she will help him. Edmund‘s will is revealed, shocking both Maria and Brooke. According to his will, his children will get the money and estate, while Brooke will get his Tempo stock and publishing rights, as well as being the executor of his will. Maria ends up with nothing. In the mineshaft, Kendall and Greenlee fight to trick Jonathan to come in, in which they both succeed, knocking Jonathan down. Jonathan wakes