Ep. #9079

Season 36, Episode 65 -  Air Date: 4/6/2005
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Erica and Myrtle discuss Kendall‘s love for Ethan, but is interrupted by Ethan himself! Jonathan calls Ryan to tell his brother about his plans. Ethan turns some of the investors of Erica‘s new company, New Beginnings, away. Zach thinks about his past with Maria. Maria asks Aidan if Edmund loved her or not. Maria ""faints"" when she hears Aidan reply that Braden is Edmund‘s killer and that Zach will be free. Greenlee freaks out in the mine shaft but luckily, Kendall helps her. On the phone Ryan tries to convince Jonathan to tell him where Brayden is when Braden arrives and tells Jonathan to shut the phone off. While Kendall is comforting Greenlee, Lily finds a way out of the mineshaft. Myrtle warns Ethan of the results of his lie. Maria spots Zach at the crime scene in Wild Winds. Sam has eyes on Lily Montgomery. Braden finds out that Jonathan is double crossing him.