Ep. #9077

Season 36, Episode 63 -  Air Date: 4/4/2005
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Kendall comes to David for his truth serum, but later when she gets it, she gives it back to him. Ethan pays a visit to Zach at his casino where Zach refers to Ethan as his son. J.R. lashes out at Adam for making a deal with David Hayward. Lily and Greenlee panic when they cannot find Steve. Ryan‘s dad returns to Ryan in his memories, while Ryan waits for Braden. At gunpoint, Jonathan forces Greenlee to call Jack saying she and Lily have safely arrived to Lily‘s school. Kendall sees Jonathan holding Greenlee and Lily hostage. Adam and J.R.‘s relationship worsens. Ryan calls Jack to ask about Greenlee and Lily. David goes to the women‘s prison after visiting hours are over to see Di. Ryan gets a letter from Braden. Greenlee and Lily are locked in a mine shaft. Kendall tries to call for help, when Jonathan stops her with a gun.