Ep. #9063

Season 36, Episode 51 -  Air Date: 3/17/2005
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Ryan and Jonathan return to Jonathan‘s suite where they find a note from Braden in which he accuses Jonathan of betraying him. Ryan decides that he has to act as the decoy to trap Braden. Meanwhile, Greenlee is relieved to discover that her intruder is Mary, not Braden. Greenlee tells Mary how Braden poisoned her and shot Ryan. Greenlee kicks Mary out after she insults Ryan. Although fearful, Greenlee accepts that Ryan needs to force Braden out of hiding on his own. Jonathan receives another note from Braden telling him that Ryan is going to die. Di, a fellow prison inmate, explains to Krystal why the guards and inmates have it in for her. An upset Babe tells Tad that Krystal is in danger in prison. Tad visits Krystal, who tries to push him away. Di watches Tad and Krystal. JR and Adam humiliate David as he does janitorial work at the hospital as part of his community service. JR warns David to never mention Dixie‘s name again. JR has car trouble while on the road with baby Adam and is