Ep. #9063

Season 36, Episode 49 -  Air Date: 3/15/2005
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Kendall wants to see Jonathan punished for framing her and Ethan. Greenlee is opposed to Ryan‘s plan of using himself as bait to lure Braden out of hiding. Jonathan is upset by Ryan‘s desire to turn Braden over to the authorities but Ryan insists all the Lavery brothers need to be held accountable for their actions. Ryan demands that Jonathan choose between siding with him or Braden. Ethan doesn‘t reveal to Maria that Edmund was able to walk and paints Zach as a manipulative liar. Kendall tells Greenlee that she trusts Ethan. Ethan destroys the disc containing the proof that Edmund could walk. Maria reaches out to Sam. Aidan insists to Jack that Lily could be in danger after a newspaper article reveals that she witnessed Edmund‘s murder. Erica is unsettled after visiting Zach and agrees with Aidan that Lily should be protected. Jack relents and allows Aidan to guard Lily. Zach orders Gordon to make sure that nobody hurts Lily.