Ep. #9050

Season 36, Episode 36 -  Air Date: 2/24/2005
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Erica hosts a going away party for Bianca. Jack comforts Erica, who is saddened by Bianca‘s upcoming departure. Zach wishes Bianca would stay in Pine Valley as he feels she could prevent Ethan from falling victim to the Cambias curse. Bianca‘s family and friends voice their love for her. Maggie tells Bianca she can‘t go to Paris with her at this time but is washed with a wave of emotion when they embrace. Jack, Kendall and Erica take Bianca to the Cambias jet and say their goodbyes. Maggie arrives with an announcement for Bianca. Alone with Jack, Erica breaks down. Zach tells Ethan and Kendall that he‘s filing a claim for the Cambias fortune in order to take it away from Ethan. Greenlee admits to Kendall that she‘s worried for Ryan. Ryan‘s heart breaks as Jonathan recounts a painful episode he endured with their father. Greenlee convinces Ryan to leave Jonathan in order to attend Bianca‘s party. After the party, Ryan agrees to take the time to go on a motorcycle ride with Greenlee.