Ep. #9049

Season 36, Episode 35 -  Air Date: 2/23/2005
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Bianca explains to Erica why she testified that Babe should get custody of the baby. Erica is extremely proud of Bianca. The judge awards custody of the baby to JR while granting Babe three hours of supervised visitation a week. Babe thanks Bianca for what she did for her. Bianca is surprised to learn about the judge‘s decision. Babe leaves Bianca a photograph of them together in happier times. Bianca places the photo in her suitcase. Krystal is arrested and taken into custody. Tad implores JR to be a good and loving father. Babe and Jamie embrace in the cabin where the babies were born. JR arrives to take his son from Kevin Buchanan. Edmund fantasizes about ruining Zach and throwing Maria out on the street. Edmund gets his hands on Bobby‘s cell phone. Zach uses a sledge hammer to free him and Maria from the shed. Erica wishes Babe and David had been punished for their crimes. Jack and Erica end up in a kiss.