Ep. #9048

Season 36, Episode 34 -  Air Date: 2/22/2005
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The kidnapping charges against Babe, Jamie and Tad are dropped. Kevin Buchanan asks the court to grant Babe custody of James. Babe pulls Krystal and David away from Bianca as they ask her to accept the District Attorney‘s deal which would keep Babe out of jail. JR tries to convince Bianca not to let Babe off the hook for keeping Miranda as long as she did. Tad assures Bianca that no one will blame her for whatever decision she makes. JR‘s attorney questions Tad, who ends up helping JR‘s case. Bianca remembers her past with Babe and returns to the courtroom. Bianca tells the judge she will accept the plea bargain keeping Babe and David out of jail while Krystal still faces a prison term. Bianca urges the judge to grant Babe, not JR, custody of James. Zach and Maria kiss passionately but she pulls back before things go any further. Zach explains to Maria he is going to try and have Alex Sr.‘s will overturned in order to save Ethan from himself. Ethan tells Edmund he wants to help him des