Ep. #9044

Season 36, Episode 30 -  Air Date: 2/16/2005
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Derek questions Jonathan in front of Jack and Ryan. Jonathan gives his version of events, claiming he never threatened Bianca. Ryan defends Jonathan when Jack suspects he drugged Greenlee. Ryan confronts Jonathan with his police record. Jonathan claims he was ashamed and afraid to tell Ryan the truth about previously assaulting a woman. Jonathan admits to Ryan that he wanted to scare Bianca. Greenlee and Reggie go to Maggie‘s to look for evidence that Jonathan drugged Greenlee. Maggie learns Jonathan threatened Bianca. Bianca protects Babe from a vengeful Erica and later admits she can‘t figure Babe out. Maggie arrives at Bianca‘s and they start to rebuild their friendship. Jamie suggests to JR that JR and Babe work together and petition for joint custody of James in order to better their chances of preventing Kevin Buchanan from gaining sole custody. Erica offers to testify on JR‘s behalf at the custody hearing. Jamie assures Babe they will be a family with James. Jamie and Babe make