Ep. #9029

Season 36, Episode 15 -  Air Date: 1/26/2005
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Babe and Jamie refuse to hand James over to JR. Tad attempts to make peace between JR, Jamie and Babe. Babe allows JR to hold James. JR has Jamie and Babe arrested. Babe stops JR from leaving the carriage house with James. Bo and Kevin Buchanan arrive at the carriage house and prevent JR from taking James. Ryan insists to Greenlee that Jonathan would never poison her. Kendall convinces Aidan to investigate Jonathan. Jonathan accuses Maggie of confirming Greenlee‘s suspicions that he poisoned her. Maggie tries to convince Jonathan she will always support him. Kendall questions Bianca about Maggie and Jonathan. Maggie accepts Jonathan‘s marriage proposal. Bianca goes to see Maggie.