Ep. #9028

Season 36, Episode 14 -  Air Date: 1/25/2005
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Tad arranges for Babe, Jamie and James to hide in a deserted carriage house before Adam and JR can find them at Liza‘s apartment. JR threatens to kill Tad after he refuses to tell him where Jamie and Babe are. Meanwhile, Jamie assures Babe things will work out for them. Adam and JR get a lead on Jamie and Babe‘s whereabouts and head to the carriage house, where JR sees his son for the first time. Jonathan surprises Kendall and Greenlee when he summons Ryan to come to his apartment. Ryan is shocked that Greenlee suspects Jonathan of drugging her. Ryan voices his faith in Jonathan‘s innocence. Alone, Kendall warns Jonathan not to try and hurt Greenlee or Ryan. Edmund is furious to learn that Bobby skipped town. Aidan realizes Edmund paid Bobby for the incriminating information against Zach. Maria is troubled by her suspicions about Zach. Anita feels liberated with Bobby out of her life.