Ep. #9025

Season 36, Episode 11 -  Air Date: 1/19/2005
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JR tricks David and Krystal into meeting him at the crash site, where he torments them with the fact he knows his son is alive and vows to make Babe pay for what she‘s done. JR threatens to kill Babe unless David and Krystal turn over the results of the DNA test proving James is his son. Jamie convinces Babe that he‘s staying with her because he loves her, not because he feels obligated to help her. Babe admits to Jamie that she loves him and they make love. With their friendship intact, Tad and Liza lament the way things have turned out for them and their loved ones. Greenlee is about to tell Ryan she suspects Jonathan of having drugged her but stops when Jonathan and Maggie arrive to surprise Ryan on his birthday. Maggie bristles when Greenlee questions her about Jonathan. Back at home, Jonathan‘s mood darkens as he wrongly assumes Maggie badmouthed him to Greenlee. Jonathan accuses Maggie of wanting him to hit her again and leaves her alone and terrified. Bianca is alarmed when Regg