Ep. #9024

Season 36, Episode 10 -  Air Date: 1/18/2005
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Adam and JR face off against Asa and Kevin Buchanan, with each party claiming that Ace, also known as baby James, belongs with them. Adam threatens to drag Kevin‘s name through the mud after he and Asa refuse to have a DNA test conducted once the baby is found. Tad arrives at Liza‘s apartment where he is reunited with Jamie and Babe. Tad has arranged for Liza to move to another state with Colby and for Jamie, Babe and James to go to Argentina. Babe admits to Tad that she loves Jamie as Jamie tells Liza he‘s in love with Babe. Not wanting Jamie to make any more sacrifices for her, Babe tells Jamie she wants him to return to Pine Valley and allow her and James to go to Argentina alone. Maggie walks away from Bianca, who vows to help her and turns to Anita for advice on abusive relationships. Greenlee makes as excuse when Jonathan finds her at his personal computer. Jonathan manipulates Maggie into feeling that is was her fault for him having hit her. Kendall reaches out to Ethan, who fea