Ep. #9021

Season 36, Episode 7 -  Air Date: 1/13/2005
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Ethan gets proof that he is Zach‘s son. Kendall is alerted when she realizes Ethan left and took his rifle with him. Ryan reluctantly agrees to Kendall‘s request to track down Ethan. Ethan holds his rifle on Zach. Bianca and Miranda are released from the hospital and have a welcome home celebration with family and friends. Erica and Jack aren‘t pleased to learn Bianca encouraged Ethan to take a sample of Miranda‘s DNA but Bianca insists she wants Ethan to be a part of Miranda‘s life if he is indeed a Cambias. After witnessing Jonathan lashing out at Danielle, Greenlee voices her suspicion that Jonathan might be responsible for her poisoning to Kendall. Anita is shocked when a badly beaten Bobby is brought into the hospital. Edmund believes Zach is connected to Bobby‘s beating. Edmund tells Maria he wants to try and make things work between them.