Ep. #9019

Season 36, Episode 5 -  Air Date: 1/11/2005
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While visiting Bianca, JR tricks her into admitting that his son is alive. Bianca is shaken by JR‘s cruelty and fears she‘s condemned Babe‘s son to a life with him and Adam. Adam bails Krystal out of jail and tries to find out what she knows about JR and Babe‘s son but she reveals nothing. In New Orleans, Jamie and Babe meet with a fortune teller as they wait for their new identification documents. The fortune teller turns out to be JR‘s private investigator who holds them at gunpoint while she contacts JR. Greenlee confronts Jonathan, who admits he is angry with her for supporting Ryan‘s decision to give his fortune away and for defending Kendall. Jonathan makes Maggie feel guilty for having visited Bianca and manipulates her into apologizing to him. Greenlee refuses to allow Mary to move in with her and Ryan but eventually agrees to put Mary up at the Valley Inn.