Ep. #9015

Season 36, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 1/5/2005
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Ryan urges Ethan to have another DNA test conducted to see if he‘s Zach‘s son. Ryan explains he wants Ethan to turn out to be a Cambias because it would make Miranda safer. After encountering Zach, Ethan tells Kendall, Ryan and Greenlee that he will have a DNA test conducted. Maria pulls back from making love with Zach in the tack room as she feels it is her and Edmund‘s special place. Zach tells Maria that he‘ll give her time but is going to pursue her. Maria admits to Edmund that she had been with Zach. Maria wonders if she and Edmund can get back the love they lost. Aidan challenges Anita to jump into the freezing lake with him. Afterward, Anita vows to be more adventurous in the New Year and she and Aidan begin to make love. Danielle resists Reggie‘s advances and confesses that she is a virgin. Reggie admits to Danielle that he is a virgin too as they agree to wait to have sex. Erica learns Aidan is Lily‘s ""boyfriend."" Erica watches Bianca and Miranda and is at peace as she teases