Ep. #8993

Season 35, Episode 237 -  Air Date: 12/6/2004
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Bianca can scarcely believe the miracle-Miranda is alive! She is thrilled to learn that her baby is alive, but it soon sinks in that her best friend kept her child from her. Bianca slaps Babe across the face, railing at her for keeping her daughter away from her. She confesses that she stayed up at nights pressing the shirt she wore when she gave birth to Miranda against her face, crying and screaming for Miranda. She tells Babe she hates her more than she has ever hated anyone and tells her she doesn‘t deserve to keep her son and that she is no better than JR. She tells Babe she was her ""soul sister"" and that she almost chose her over her real sister, Kendall, but that Kendall was right to despise her. Bianca tells Babe to get out of her sight, so Babe takes her son and leaves, devastated over the loss of her best friend.JR comes to Bianca and Bianca empathizes with JR, calling him an innocent victim of Babe‘s. She begins to tell him that his child is alive and that Babe stole him,