Ep. #8992

Season 35, Episode 236 -  Air Date: 12/3/2004
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JR and Jamie are locked in the warehouse together. Jamie tries to get JR to accept that Bess is not his daughter. He tells JR that Paul Cramer switched the babies and that the baby he belives is his is really Bianca‘s, but JR refuses to believe his baby died in the river and blames Babe for everything, declaring she will never see their daughter again. Jamie realizes nothing has changed and that JR is as coldhearted as ever. Jamie vows to never let JR know his son is alive.Babe finally tells Bianca the truth-the baby she‘s been is raising is Bianca‘s daughter. Bianca refuses to believe her and tells Babe she‘s being cruel to give her false hope that her baby is alive. She accuses her first of trying to hurt JR by lying, and then assumes she must be crazy. She tells her to take her baby far away from JR, but Babe refuses to do so until Bianca has accepted the truth. Babe recounts every dispicable detail of how she, David, and Krystal stole her child. Feeling she owes Bianca the truth,