Ep. #8525

Season 34, Episode 20 -  Air Date: 1/31/2003
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After Isabella insists that Edmund call a doctor, he brings Jake to the mansion. He warns David that Jake took a sample of Maria‘s blood, then confesses to Maria that he gave her two doses of David‘s experimental drug. As soon as he leaves her alone, Maria begins packing. Meanwhile, Aidan and Morgan break into Wildwind, and into the safe, then pull their guns on each other.Kendall has the idea of giving out free samples of the Rioja Fusion lip products, which she, Mia, and Greenlee hand out to the students. When Maxie Berlin calls and asks the girls to get their product to Lacey‘s ASAP, Kendall admits to Greenlee that they‘re out of Rioja Fusion.When Jack expresses his worry about Lilly to Erica, she comforts him. When he confesses that he has never loved anyone the way he has loved her, what starts out as a friendly kiss turns to passion.