Don Geiss, America and Hope

Season 4, Episode 15 -  Air Date: 3/18/2010
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Jack needs to reestablish himself within the new corporate structure. Liz and Wesley continually run into each other, making them consider fate‘s role in their lives. Tracy‘s nanny writes an exposé.

‘30 Rock‘ Fan Columnist: ‘Don Geiss, America and Hope‘ Recap

Liz Lemon‘s latest romantic misadventure with Englishman Wesley (played by guest star Michael Sheen) comes to an end in this episode; the two of them continued to bump into each other and Wesley proposed that it was a sign from the universe that the two of them should settle for each other, an idea which Liz firmly rejected.Tracy Jordan‘s topsy-turvy romantic life also faced some heat when a tell-all memoir by one of his family members revealed that his life of philandering was nothing more than a lie, something that seriously harmed his image. After many attempts to bring his image back to promiscuity, he had a heart-to-heart talk with Liz Lemon (after failing to get it on with her first) where he realized that having a loving wife and children is all he really needs.
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