Season 4, Episode 19 -  Air Date: 5/3/2010
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Wedding fever hits TGS, leaving Liz to sort out Grizz‘s dilemma when both Tracy and Dot Com want to be his best man. Jenna‘s new boyfriend, Paul, raises Liz and Pete‘s suspicions, while Jack is finally forced to deal with the death of his mentor, Don Geiss, when Geiss leaves him a strange but meaningful inheritance.

‘30 Rock‘ Fan Columnist: Three Weddings and a Peacock

This week, the 30 Rock gang felt the love in three forms: a wedding best man rivalry, an impersonator-turned-paramour, and a peacock believed to be the incarnate of a late CEO. In an attempt to resolve a quarrel between Grizz, Dotcom and Tracy Jordan over who would be the best man at Grizz‘s wedding to Feyonce, the woman Dotcom loves (awkward!), Liz Lemon was appointed by Grizz to be the woman of honor at the wedding, eschewing both Dotcom and Tracy as the potential best man. In accepting Grizz‘s offer, Liz signed on to attend what will be her third wedding in one (assumably frenetic) day. 
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