Kathleen and Mary

Season 6, Episode 1 -  Air Date: 2/5/2009
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Cleaning company manager Mary Gibson has the body of a 30-something but her face tells a very different story. A lifetime of sunbeds and smoking have piled on the years, leaving Mary with no choice but to carry out a daily ‘Polyfilla‘ makeup job to fill the cracks.Poll age before: 63 (35 from behind)Poll age after: 47Real age: 50Meanwhile, Civil Servant Kathleen is stuck in a time warp - having spent 25 years with the same hair cut and ten wearing the same pair of glasses. The passage of time has also left Kathleen with saggy eye-lids and crooked teeth.Poll age before: 60Poll age after: 45Real age: 49Can Myleene wave the 10 Years Younger magic wand and turn these plain Janes into beautiful bombshells?